Frequently asked questions

Please disable AdBlocker in order to run the verification process.

Please be advised that this website will act mainly as a gateway to distribute Oracol Xor cryptocurrency during the ICO (11 December 2018) and afterwards at the market price set on our main exchange TradeBtc.

Attention all users.Profiles that are not verified will not be able to conduct any transactions on the exchange.

In order to verify your profile you need to provide :
1) Your email address - after you provide your email address a verification email will be sent to your address.Please click on the link provided in the email to verify your email
2) Your mobile phone number - after you provide your phone number click on the phone verification button - an SMS message will be sent to your phone - please enter the code from the SMS and verify your phone.
3) Two pictures in high resolution - one of yourself holding your id ( ID must be visible and legible ) and the other picture of a utility bill that matches the address on your provided ID .

After you log in your new account look for the "Account Verification" button and click on the link .

On the next screen look for  "Send Verification Email"button and click on it as shown in the pictures below. 
Please remember to turn off AdBlocker if you are using it.

On the Document Verification screen there are two buttons that will upload your documents.
1)The 1st picture to upload should be a picture of you holding your ID as in the picture below.The picture should be high resolution and your ID should be easy to read.
    Pictures that are not clear to read will be disqualified and your profile will not be approved.
2) The second picture should be a utility bill picture that has the same name like in the first picture and the address.
    Pictures that are not clear to read will be disqualified and your profile will not be approved.
3) Press the upload files button.Please note that ONLY   JPG  JPEG  PNG    and   PDF  formats are accepted.

On the telephone verification screen you have to enter you telephone number as shown in the picture below.

For North America the format is  1 (area code) (phone number)
For the rest of the world is  011 (country code) (area code without a zero in the front) (phone number)
Once you have entered the number please press the "Add Number" button.
After you press the "Add number" button on the next screen press the "Send SMS" buton and a SMS message will be sent to your phone.
Enter the code in the Oracol SMS and press the "Verify SMS code" button to complete the verification.